as April 2019

Acquisition of Textron Plimon SLU Natural Oils Business


Buy-Side Advisor to HIG Capital / Vantage

Trumont International

Trumont provides buy-side advisory services to HIG Capital (Miami, FL) and Vantage Specialty Chemicals (Chicago, IL) on the acquisition of Textron Plimon SLU Natural Oils Business (Spain)

H.I.G. Capital, LLC portfolio company, Vantage Specialty Chemicals Holdings, a leading, vertically-integrated provider of naturally derived ingredients, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Textron Plimon, S.L.U. Natural Oils Business ("Textron").

Textron is a leading manufacturer, processor and specialty formulator of natural oils for the personal care, food and chemical industries. Located near Barcelona in Granollers, Spain, Textron is focused on supplying high quality, natural oils out of a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that sources oils and seeds from all over the world. Textron's product portfolio includes cosmetic oils, formulations of EVOILS©, food oils, bismuth derivatives, cosmetic ingredients and preservatives.

April 4, 2019